I’ve heard about stand up paddling but where can I do it?

You can stand up paddle in just about any body of water. Here on the North Shore of Boston there are many different possibilities. From protected harbors and bays, to the open ocean, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams swimming pools, ponds. If the water is deep enough for the board and fin then you can paddle it!.

Can I really learn how to stand up paddle?

Anyone can learn to stand up paddle! It really is easier then it looks. If you can walk on land and have a hint of balance, then you should be able to walk on water.

Do you offer demos?

At Surfari SUP & Surf we will be doing a couple of free demo programs over the summer to let people try out stand up paddlling. Check our news page or follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all the latest updates.

For certain model boards we have demo models that you can try before you buy. You can take them for a free 15 minute test drive or if you want to give them a more thorough test you can rent them at standard rates. If you purchase the board the cost of the demo rental with be deducted from the price of the board.

Does a wetsuit really keep you warm?

YES! It will keep you very warm. We stand up paddle surf and flat water paddle all year round here in New England. If it is warm out you don’t have to have a wetsuit but it is nice to have if you happen to fall in.

Where can I SUP?

Like we said in answer to the first question you can stand up paddle in any water deep enough to float your board. Come down to Surfari where we have lessons, rentals and demos to get you in the water right at our store.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, a bathing suit, a towel, some sunblock, water, a snack and other sun protection like a hat or rash guard. We have everything in the above list available to purchase at our store except the water and snacks.

What is SUP yoga and SUP pilates?

In SUP Yoga and SUP Pilates one does basically the same things they would do on their mat in the studio but on a stand up paddle board floating in a body of water. This adds a little bit more of a challenge and also gets you out of the studio and into the onto the ocean when the weather in nice!

Can kids stand up paddle to?

Kids can paddle! Smaller children (generally under 8yrs) can sit on the board and have their parents paddle them around. Older kids should have no problem paddling themselves.

Do you carry surf stuff at Surfari?

We have surfboards, wetsuits, fins, bags, leashes, accessories, rash guards, wax, ding repair kits and anything else water related .

Do you have beach gear at Surfari?

Bathing suits, boardshorts, swim trunks, flip flops, sunglasses, sun block, Zinka, rash guards/sun protection, hats, cover ups, bodyboards, and skimboards. We also have wetsuits for men, women, kids and toddlers for those of you who would like to spend more time in the water!

What is your cancellation policy at Surfari?

All lessons and rentals must be paid in full at time of booking. Our lessons are not canceled for fog, rain or a chilly day. We will be going in the water and getting wet. We will only cancel if the conditions are not suitable for paddling (because of lightning or wind conditions). If you must reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours in advance or you will forfeit your lesson or rental fee.