404 Stand Up Race Boards

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404 10’6″ Trainer Stand Up Paddle Raceboard – Training/Touring

The Newly Redesigned 10’6” Trainer by 404 is a stable fast board; it was designed as a training board for Danny Ching. The idea was to create an easily transportable Stand Up board for daily use. After lugging around a 12’6” racing board we found that 10’6″ seemed the ideal length.

 Built with the same concepts, as the “Monster” 12’6”, the design of the 10’6” is a similar shape. The major difference in the two, is it’s greater width and thickness as to allow for better stability and to accommodate larger paddlers. The Trainer is also great if your strolling around with your kids or dog. 

It can be used on lakes, rivers, harbors, and ocean paddling. You are only limited by the water available to paddle on.

The Trainer is a great board for touring around Boston’s North Shore and easily transportable for a weekend down the Cape or up in Maine.

Length: 10’6″

Width: 31″

Thickness: 5.25″

Volume: 242.5 L

Fin System:
Single Fin

404 10'6" SUP Race Trainer

404 12’6″ Monster 2.0 Stand Up Paddle Raceboard – Racing/Touring

This high performance stock racing design skillfully combines a rare blend of speed and stability for the larger stock paddler.

“The Monster 2.0“ is the new improved version of 404’s original, two time Rainbow Battle of the Paddle winning stock board. With

increased volume and a tweak to the original water line, this proven race board is now suitable for the larger stock paddler.

The Monster 2.0 is ideally suited for all bodies of water and all skill levels from first time racers to advanced paddlers.

For paddlers up to 250 lbs

Length: 12’6″

Width: 28 1/2″

Thickness: 4 5/8″

Volume: 245.5L

Fin System:
Single Fin

404 126 Monster 2.0 SUP Race

Surfari Stand Up Paddle & Surf

Surfari Stand Up Paddle & Surf

Surfari is a 404 dealer and we carry a selection of 404 stand up paddle boards in our Manchester by-the-Sea store. Let us help you find the best board for the kind of paddling you want to do!

SUP is currently the fastest growing recreational water sport in the world and it’s here to stay in New England! At Surfari SUP & Surf, we believe in the the progression of stand up paddling gear and the culture around it! We are proud to provide an extensive selection of SUP apparel and accessories to keep you on the water as much as possible. We pride ourselves on knowledge and customer service that you can only get from a specialty store. Please contact us if you have any questions about 404 SUPs.