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Men’s Winter Wetsuits 2015-16



The all new Tiki Zepha 6/5/4 hooded wetsuit combines soft, super Xtend neoprene with an exceptional ergonomic cut to produce our best suit ever. This, combined with angled chest zip entry, 2 x slickseal cuffs and new 3 x sealed seam construction make this suit super warm and amazingly comfortable. Plus the integrated hood allows for soft, flush-free comfort. Worn and tested by team riders Andrew Cotton, Barry Mottershead and Rick Willmett in punishing Atlantic conditions, this suit is proven to perform in the very toughest of conditions giving you the warmth, protection and performance you expect from a top end suit. Fully sealed 6/5/4 winter wetsuit with a price that can’t be beat!

Tiki are a cold water surf company who specialise in wetsuits for cold water. When it came to testing, they threw the Zepha into the coldest, heaviest waves of the North Atlantic: Mitch Corbett took it to Riley’s, Aileen’s and a few gems in the extreme North of the UK, Barry Mottershead charged it at Mullaghmore and Prowlers, and Rick Willmett did what Rick does best: paddling into thick dry Scottish slabs. In all these environments the Zepha excelled. Tiki have been producing wetsuits for over 45 years and they confidently believe the Zepha is the best wetsuit they have ever made.

A partnership between a ourselves, with over 40 years experience in making cold water Tiki wetsuits, and the UK’s leading cold water surfers.

Proven by the likes of Andrew Cotton, Mitch Corbett, Barry Mottershead and Rick Willmett in waves such as Prowlers, Aileens, Rileys and 10’s.

Surfari Stand Up Paddle & Surf

Surfari Stand Up Paddle & Surf

Surfari is a Authorized Tiki dealer and we carry a selection of Tiki Wetsuits at our Gloucester store on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Let us help you find the best suit to keep you warmer in the water for either surfing or stand up paddling.

Surfing and stand up paddling in the water and air temperature extremes of New England’s four distinct seasons can lead to quite a sizable wetsuit wardrobe for the year round waterman. Even the casual seasonal surfer or paddler can end up with more then a few pieces in their rubber arsenal. We pride ourselves on knowledge and customer service that you can only get from a specialty store. Let us help guide you to what need to enjoy your time in the water. Please contact us if you have any questions about O’Neill Wetsuits.